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How much will it cost?
Our list of prices for residential houses can be found on the Residential Cleaning Packages link. For commercial, construction, and move in/out prices, you will have to contact our offices. A representative will then set up an appointment with you for a free estimate.

How long will it take?
Depends on the size of the area being cleaned. However, a six room home area is usually finished in two to three hours.

How many people will be coming to my house?
Usually we send a team of two cleaning representatives.

Will I always get the same workers?
This is what we strive for. If our customer prefers to see the same familiar faces during each visit we will try our best to send the same crew over each time.  Our clients satisfaction is our main priority so if you have a particular team you prefer to work with, we will try to accommodate for each appointment.

Why use My Friendly Helper, Inc. services?
Our company is dedicated to keeping our customers happy. We strive to provide great service and fair prices. My Friendly Helper teams will work hard to make sure everything is done according to our customer’s high standards.  We pride ourselves in individualized attention.

If I have a problem or question who should I contact?
Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns you might have; one of our representatives will gladly assist you.  At our office there is always someone who will work diligently to make sure any problems or questions are addressed as soon as possible.

If I’m not satisfied with the work done what can I do?
If our customers are not satisfied with the work done we encourage them to call our office and let us know within 24 hours. We guarantee that a cleaning team will return either that same day or the day after to re-clean any area that was not to our customers’ satisfaction.


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